Frequently asked questions

When was the draft outline of the NSS placed before the Education Minister’s conference ?

    In 1959

When was the National Service Scheme launched ?

    In June 2009

What is the National Service Scheme ?

    National Service Scheme, popularly known as NSS is an extension dimension to the higher education system to orient the student youth to community service while they are studying in educational institutions, under the aegis of Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Govt. of India.

What is the Motto of NSS ?

    The motto or watchword of the National Service Scheme is “NOT ME BUT YOU”.

What is the NSS symbol ?

    The NSS symbol is based on the rath of wheel of the Konark Sun Temple situated in Orissa.

When is the NSS day observed ?

    The NSS day is observed on 24th September every year.

What is an NSS unit?

    A specific group of NSS volunteers working under the Programme Officer in a school or college.

How can I join NSS ?

    Simply by enrolling/registering yourself in NSS unit through the Programme Officer concerned .

I am a graduate and still very keen to be a part of NSS. How can I continue my association with NSS ?

    You can join an NSS open unit.

What sort of activities are undertaken in NSS ?

    Mainly two type of activities i. Regular Activities ii. Special Camping programmes

What is the uniform in NSS ?

    There is no uniform prescribed for NSS volunteers.

What sorts of benefit I can get from this scheme?

    You can get some weightage during admissions in higher studies and other benefits as decided by the institutions/university.

How NSS will be useful in developing my personality?

    The NSS refines personality through exposure with the various segments of the society and community service.

Will NSS have any adverse effect on my studies?

    No, NSS will not have any sort of adverse effect on your studies rather it refines thinking/reasoning power yielding better results in studies.

Will I get some additional weightage during my admission in higher studies ?

    Yes we can get additional weightage as decided by the Institution.

What is meant by community service?

    Services rendered by the NSS volunteers in the community.

What is an adopted village/slum ?

    Generally an NSS unit adopts nearby village where certain projects are run by the NSS volunteers for the development of village.

What contribution has NSS given against the devil of AIDS ?

    NSS has created awareness among students & masses by means of AIDS awareness rallies, seminars meeting & Quiz contests etc.

Is it compulsory to donate blood for an NSS volunteer ?

    No it is a voluntary movement.

What is the composition of an NSS unit?

    An NSS units comprises of 100 student volunteers.

What is meant by the theme of special camps?

    That concerted effort should be made to fulfill the theme during the camp days.

Who is a Programme Coordinator in NSS ?

    NSS key functionary at University level.

Are we supposed to pay any fees for enrolment as an NSS volunteer?

    No, NSS is a centrally sponsored scheme.