Duties of the Program Officer

  • He/She will plan NSS regular activities and special camping programme.
  • The programme officer will ensure that NSS volunteers complete the prescribed hours in regular activities and participate in special camping programme as per requirements.
  • He/She will divide the BSS unit into different groups and assign the definite task and targets and projects to each group.
  • He/She will supervise the work of NSS volunteers.
  • He/She will maintain the necessary records and registers prescribed by programme coordinator of the university.
  • He/She will ensure that the basic aims of NSS programme i.e. personality development of NSS vlounteers, interaction of the different classes of the society take place harmoniously and the NSS volunteers and community are benefitted from the activites of NSS unit.
  • He/She will be responsible for the equipment and stores purchased out of NSS funds. He/She will hand over the charge of NSS equipment and stores to his/her successor at the end of his/her tenure.
  • He/She will spend the NSS grants as per administrative and financial directives of NSS programme coordinator.
  • He/She will submit the reports to the NSS regional centre periodically, programme coordinator, NSS state liason officer and TORC/TOC.
  • He/She will ensure the submission of accounts in time.
  • He/She will liase with the officials of the department of NSS projects and activities.
  • He/She will convene the meeting of the college advisory committee in consulatation with the Principal of the institution as laid down in the NSS manual.